Friday, June 26, 2009

Golden Green Earth Club pin!

For those of you who have participated and done your share, please do let us know so we can send you a Green Earth Pin (see picture).
The Earth will certainly smile back at your smallest gestures.

Happy Summer to you all.
Enjoy the beautiful weather.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Nikhita and Bryce have been real serious about their roles for a better future.
Here is Nikhita's comment:

Bryce and I went to the soccer field in my backyard and picked up trash, we found a soccer ball that we want to send to Brazil. After that we went by some picnic tables and found a lot of trash we even found a cell phone and a pipe.

That's awesome girls.
We are really proud of you. Thanks for sharing.


Big Congratulations to Nikhita and Bryce for doing their share in helping to maintain the grounds clean and who recently won a recognition for their "SUPER GOOD POSTER" at school that reflects their compromise with a Greener Earth!
Congratulations girls! The poster is awesome! See the pics.