Sunday, April 26, 2009

The good we all can do!

We woke up this morning to the visit of some great guests... although they were in a hurry, so I only got to take a quick picture of them. Enjoy!

We recently received an email from Coach Bob where he is sharing the things he is doing that can have an impact on the environment.
What are you doing?
Let us know. Send us an email and share it.
Thanks coach Bob for your great work!

By Coach Bob
My first endeavor to this cause was two fold. I work at a Fitness Club
where bottles of water are available for member consumption. Seen how many
bottles are disposed-of on a weekly basis. I approached the Gen Manager of
the Club and asked if we can provide recycling bins for placement of these
bottles...this he agreed to and is working out great!.

My second motivating factor happen three days ago. While working, a woman
walked into the Club and asked if she could place a large plastic jar on the
counter and have our members remove the cap from the water bottles and place
them in the jar before inserting them in the recycling bin. Her request was
granted... The reason behind this activity was to help her child who has
cancer accomplish his commitment to GREEN EARTH.... You see he is bed
ridden. My commitment to his cause is to get to the club every day
,sometimes twice a day and go through the recycling bins and remove the caps
from bottles that have not been removed...I just wanted to share this with

Coach Bob :-)

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