Friday, April 3, 2009

Green Earth

Welcome everyone to GREEN EARTH!
This blog was designed exclusively to talk about little and daily things each of us can do to help save our Earth!
I invite everyone to join us in this venture and share your ideas and comments.
This blog started from our latest book called: 20 EASY WAYS TO HELP SAVE THE EARTH!
What is YOUR way?

Let us know.

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  2. Hi, i am 8 years old and I read Coach Pedro's book about helping to save the earth. The next day when i went to school, me and two of my friends were on the playground, and we saw some litter on the playground. We decided to make a club to pick up litter. So we went inside and asked our teacher if she had any garbage bags in the classroom. She gave us a garbage bag and we put some gloves on to protect our hands. Then we went outside and one of us held the garbage bag and and the others put the litter in. Pretty soon a lot of kids joined in with us to help pick up litter! When it was time for us to go in we had filled one big garbage bag halfway! In only twenty minutes! We are going to do this litter pick up whenever we see garbage on the playground. We have 5 kids who are the main members of the club, but anyone can join in to help us when we do clean up. This is a fun way to help the earth!

  3. Hi Coach Pedro.
    This is my idea for the green earth club:
    Last weekend, instead of taking the car to the park, my mom and I ran and Lila rode her bike. I suggested that once every week, we walk, run, or ride bikes instead of driving. For example, my mom and I ran to WWS for practice.
    I think the club is really cool, and I like the book too.